Public sounds off on proposed alcohol, tobacco policies

By DeeAnna Haney | Jul 28, 2014

The Canton Board of Aldermen wants some more time to mull over a possible ordinance change to allow for alcohol on town streets and sidewalks following a public hearing Thursday night.
Public Sounds Off
The current ordinance prohibits the consumption or possession of alcohol on streets and town owned property. Town Manager Seth Hendler-Voss gave a PowerPoint presentation to explain the proposed ordinance change, which would allow alcohol at board approved special events.

“Municipalities all over the country are finding great success in planning and hosting special events in their jurisdictions that appeal to a new demographic that bring a lot of attention and positive economic impact to their communities,” he said.

He pointed to the immense popularity of the craft brewery industry in western North Carolina.

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“It was paper back in the early 1900s and today it’s beer. It’s something that’s very popular and generates a lot of money and jobs for the economy. You see that in essentially every county adjacent to us,” he said.

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